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TikTok has been banned on both Google PlayStore and Apple's AppStore

TikTock is a very popular video creating and sharing app which is available on both the Google playstore and Apple's App store. Ticktock lets users create and share short videos with special effects  and the app has over 150 million active users in India alone. The App has however been banned in India following allegations of  pornographic and illegal content.
Aside the allegation of promoting pornographic contents, TikTok has also been faced with a couple of other allegation which eventually led to the App being banned in the country.  Superior Court of Madras has ordered the ban after investigating and discovering the illegal contents of TikTok.

The Indian government has asked both Google and Apple to take the App down from their respective stores and both companies have blocked the App in India.  Bytedance, which is the chinese company behind TikTok has argued that the ban  "amounts to curtailing of the rights of the citizens of India...who have been using the platform every day to express themselves and create content.", the company also argued that  argued that a very small amount of content i.e. 0.0006%, is flagged as inappropriate by users, and the remaining is legitimate content. 

The next hearing has been scheduled on April 24. TikTok’s future will be decided then and the company will finally know if the ban will still stand or not.

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