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LG to launch a smartphone with triple front facing cameras

Since Huawei launched the triple rear camera setup on its p20 pro in early 2018, many smartphone manufacturers have adopted this technology on their flagship devices. The latest Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus both feature triple rear camera setup and report also has it that the upcoming iPhone 11 will come with also come with three cameras at the back.
One thing we however don't have yet is a triple front facing camera setup. This might however be due to the fact that manufacturers don't really find it necessary, but that will probably be changing soon as LG just recently submitted a patent for a triple front facing and triple rear facing camera setup.

The patent which was registered with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) went live on Friday. On the diagram there is a three front facing camera which is located in the wide notch at the top of the smartphone. The diagram also shows three rear facing cameras aligned horizontally with a rear Fingerprint scanner positioned just below it.

Although there isn't any details yet on what the three cameras will be used for, we however expect a regular camera lens, an ultra wide Lens and maybe a Time of Flight (Tof) lens which can be used for better portrait shot as well as enhancing the hand gesture feature which was recently introduced by LG.

Remember that it is still a patent at this point and there is no information from LG yet on when or if the technology displayed in the diagram above will go into production, but all we can do for now though is to wait.

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