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Latest Google Chrome V74.0.3729.112 for Android gets Dark Mode, Check out how to enable it

Dark mode is gradually becoming a thing especially on Android devices as App developers are already adding this feature to their Apps. Dark mode helps with night time reading and it also help increase battery life.
Google is already working on a system wide dark mode for its upcoming Android Q and it has already started rolling out the feature to some of its apps such as YouTube. Now, the latest chrome update also comes with dark among many other features.

This feature is still in test mode so it's not readily available for Chrome users, which means it needs to be enabled first before you can turn it on. In this post, I will show you simple steps on how to enable the dark mode on Google Chrome for Android.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome
> Make sure you are on Google Chrome V74. or any later version.
> Copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-android-night-mode in the address bar.
> Under "Android Chrome UI dark mode", click on the drop down list and select "Enable".
> After that, just click on "Relaunch Now" to restart the app.
> Then go to settings >> dark mode and click on the slider to turn it on.
That's all.
As I mentioned earlier, this feature is still in test mode so it doesn't take effect on all websites yet except for chrome's own UI.

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  1. This dark mode is like inversw mode

    1. As i mentioned in the post, it's still in test mode


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