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Samsung Galaxy S10 face unlock can be fooled by a photo, video, or even look alikes

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is no doubt the most talked about phone of the year. One of the main selling point of the Galaxy S10s is the infinity "O" cutout display which ditches the famous display notch for a laser cutout which houses the front facing camera.
In other to achieve this, Samsung had to make a few sacrifices and one of them is ditching it's traditional iris face recognition unlock for a less secure Face ID which uses the front facing camera instead of a dedicated IR scanner like on the iPhones.

Camera based Face unlock has been known to be less secured compared to the IR Face unlock and this has been proven on multiple phones including the OnePlus 6t. Unfortunately, the one on the Galaxy S10 series is no exception. A couple of reports have surfaced online about the Face unlock on the Galaxy S10 being fooled by videos, still photos and even faces of look alikes.
Unbox Therapy who happens to be a very popular tech YouTuber recently posted a video which shows him unlocking his Galaxy S10+ with one of his YouTube videos being played from another smartphone at close range.  An app developer was also able to unlock her brother's phone with her own face even though they aren't twins and there is also another case of the face recognition being fooled by a still photo.

In Samsung's defence though, the company already stated it that the face unlock is mainly for convenience over security and you still have the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which is also known to be a bit slower and inconsistent compared to the traditional fingerprint reader.

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