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MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat, Solution to Hammer VPN App not connecting

For sometime now, many of you have been complaining about not been able to connect to the Hammer VPN App and this is because TunnelGuru have removed some of the free and premium servers from the version 2.1.6 of the Hammer Vpn App, This is one of reasons while the App hasn't been connecting. The other alternative is to upgrade to a newer version of the App, but this also comes with  its own challenges.
To access the working servers (especially the Canada servers), you will need to upgrade your Hammer VPN App, but the problem is that TunnelGuru have blocked the App from working in some countries including Nigeria. The good news is that there is a work around and the procedure is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps below.

>> MTN sim card with no active data plan.
>> Your Android phone.
>> Hammer VPN App. Download Here or Here.

New Hammer VPN Settings for MTN Free Browsing Cheat
> First, go to your phone settings >> About phone.
> Scroll down to your build number or version (depending on the phone) and tap it 7 times to enable developer mode.
> go back and click on Developer options.
> Scroll down and enable DON’T KEEP ACTIVITIES
> If you already have Hammer VPN installed on your, then make sure you uninstall it first.
> Download the Hammer VPN App from the link above and install.
> Launch the App and click on the server. You should see something similar to the image below.
> If yours is different, just force stop the app, clear App data and launch the App again.
> For your Rport, input: 8080, for the Lport, Input: 9201.
> If you have a premium account, input the details and select one of the premium Canadian (ca) servers. (g7 or g8).
> If you don't have a premium account, just select one of the free servers and make sure you don't edit the username and password.
> Now click on connect and minimize the App immediately.
> That's all, just slide down the notification bar and monitor the App from there.

> Make sure you minimize the App immediately you click on connect or you will get the  “app not available in your country” error.  
> Its Advisable you get a premium account and make sure you use only the Canadian premium servers.
> Do not open the Hammer VPN App once its connected, or else it will disconnect.
> Anytime you open the App and you can't see the Canada server there again, just  force stop the app, clear App data and launch the App again.

That's all guys.

I will be dropping a new post soon on how to use the latest Hammer VPN App which gives you more servers.

If you have any question, feel free to drop in the comment section below, also don't forget to share this post with your friends.

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  1. It worked! Thanks. But the Canada server is very slow. Can't even download with 4G.

    1. Another method with more severs will be posted soon

    2. Thanks. You're the best!!

  2. I need a premium account

  3. Pls drop how to get premium account

    1. You can create and account then buy directly from tunnelguru website or through third party sellers

  4. It usually connect but still my phone wouldn't browse. Nothing would work

    1. Try another server or get a premium account

  5. Nice work YomiTech

    Your updates are always great.

  6. What of those who are using Tecno spark 2 and infinix hot 6 bcos developer option > don't keep activity is not available


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