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Ntel increases the price of the Wawu Data Plan - Check out the new price list

Ntel introduced the WAWU SIM and the WAWU data plan early last year. This was one of the cheapest data plans available as it gives you a whopping 12GB data for just N1000 and 6GB for N500, but it did come with its own challenges.
The Ntel WAWU data plan worked smoothly for just a few months before subscribers started encountering problems. The site became unavailable, the service was unstable and subscribing for new plans was also made very difficult.

Now, even with all the unresolved issues, Ntel has gone ahead to increase the price of the WAWU data plan as well as the weekly unlimited plan. Now the 6GB monthly plan that use to go for N500 now cost N2000 and the validity has also been reduced to just 7days.

Below is the old as well as the new Ntel WAWU data plans and the prices.

Old Ntel WAWU data plan, price and validity period

WAWU N500: 6GB Valid for 30 days
WAWU N1000: 12GB valid for 30 days
WAWU N2,500: 24GB valid for 30 days
WAWU N3,000: 48GB valid for 30 days
WAWU N7,500: 96GB validity for 30 days

New Ntel WAWU data plan, price and validity period

WAWU N2000: 6GB Valid for 7days
WAWU N4000: 16GB valid for 7days
WAWU N8,500: 45GB valid for 14 days
WAWU N10,000: 96GB valid for 14 days

WAWU Unlimited Weekly Plan old and New Price
The weekly unlimited data plan has been increased from N3750 to N5000.

Other cheaper Alternatives
Glo Special Data Plan - Gives you 1.2GB for N200 and 6GB for N1000

Airtel Triple Data Offer - Gives you 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1000

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