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Xiaomi blocks flashing of Global ROM on its China-Bound Phones and Vice Versa

Just like most other Chinese OEMs, Xiaomi smartphones do come in two different variants, the Chinese version mainly for the China market and the Global version for the international market.
The Chinese version runs a special version of MIUI tailored for the Chinese market with no Google framework or Apps, and the Global version on the other hand comes with a different version of MIUI specifically for the international market, This version has Google Apps pre-installed and most of the Chinese Apps removed.

Global version of Xiaomi phone are usually more expensive than the China version even though they both have the exact same Specifications, so many customers tend to buy the China version of the phone and then flash the Global ROM on it. Xiaomi however doesn't seem to be happy with this practice.

According to an official post on Xiaomi's forum, the company has now blocked the flashing of MIUI's Global ROM in China bound Xiaomi phones and vice versa. The post states;
1. Xiaomi Phones manufactured for Chinese market are not able to run MIUI Global ROM.
2. Xiaomi Phones manufactured for Global markets are not able to run MIUI China ROM.

The company also recommends that you buy your Xiaomi Phones via official or authorized sales channels and double check the system information before flashing or updating.

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  1. Bad market for xiaomi customers

    1. Seriously...

      But I am pretty sure there will be a way around it though


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