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OnePlus TV - OnePlus to Launch its Smart TV Soon

In just about 5 years, OnePlus has managed to gain a massive customer base due to its flagship killer smartphones. OnePlus is known for its flagship smartphones that sells for around half of what bigger brands like Apple or Samsung goes for. Now, the company is finally looking beyond just smartphone manufacturing.
OnePlus has taken to its forum to announce that the company is working on adding a new gadget to its list of products and this time it's a smart TV.

According to the post, the company is currently working on a smart television category which will be called "OnePlus TV". This new gadget is expected to feature a premium design with top quality image and audio experience.

According to OnePlus Founder and CEO, he said;
"At present, we feel the current market of TVs is still feeling quite traditional in their functionality and experience. And they haven't really well-integrated the internet into the experience, and making the experience match with what would be expected in today's connected society,"
The upcoming OnePlus TV will not just be a set-top box but a real television with smart home hub function that can answer voice commands and also control other home gadgets. The TV will also come with inbuilt camera for video calling.

OnePlus hasn't really given much details yet on the TV except for the fact the display panel on the OnePlus TV will be manufactured by another company, but "image processing chipsets and algorithms" will be made by OnePlus. So we expect some sort of 4K display and a very competitive pricing.

There is no info yet on the release date or what the pricing will be like. OnePlus said they just started building the TV so we should expect the launch by next year 2019.

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