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New Config file: MTN MPulse Free Browsing Cheat with Spark VPN

I am pretty sure most of you are still flexing the MTN Mpulse browsing cheat with HTTP Injector. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been complaining about being unable to import the HTTP Injector config file due to one reason or the other.
I have decided to post an alternative method using Spark VPN. This is equally as fast as HTTP Injector and also straightforward. So if you are having issues with the HTTP Injector method then you can try Spark VPN.

MTN MPulse Browsing Cheat with Spark VPN
>> Android phone.
>> MTN SIM with MPulse subscription. (Check how to subscribe HERE).
>> Spark VPN APK. Download HERE or HERE.
>> Spark VPN config file. Download HERE or HERE. (It's advisable you download the config file with uc browser and the file you are downloading must be in Kb and end with .ehi and not .APK)

Alternative links:
Incase the first config file isn't working for you, then you can download the second config file HERE or HERE.

MTN mPulse Tweak Settings with Spark VPN
>> Download and install Spark VPN from this LINK.
>> Download the MTN MPulse config file HERE.
>> Launch the Spark VPN app and click on tweak at the top right corner.
>> Search for the config file you downloaded earlier and select it.
>> After that, click on start and wait for a few seconds while it connects.
That's all guys.

If you have any question, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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  1. Can someone migrate to that with old sim card?

  2. how Can someone use this cheat on pc

  3. I can't fine the mtn configure file on my phone and I've done the subscription already!

  4. For the first time last night the spark vpn is working perfectly but now it says it can't connect due to invalid username or password

  5. This can work on rooted Phone??

  6. I did as you said buh it didn't connect at all. Was using the injector and that one has stopped to. Please what's the way forward Yomi. Thank you for the information


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