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Gmail for Android now lets you Undo / Recall Already sent Emails

As humans, mistakes and slip ups are almost inevitable, but what happens when you are trying to send an important or a formal email to someone and you realized you made a major blunder only after you have hit the send bottom.
Gmail has a feature which lets you quickly recall an already sent message, this will stop email from delivering to your recipient and it will be returned to your draft. This feature was however only available on the web based version of Gmail until now.

Starting from the Gmail for Android version  8.7 and above, users will now be able to take advantage of the undo/ recall option via the app. The feature comes in two forms, you can either cancel the mail while it's sending or undo the mail few seconds after it has been sent.
Anytime you click on the send icon, you will see a black bar at the bottom. While the mail is sending, you will see "sending" in white on the left side of the bar while "cancel" will appear in yellow on the right side. You can quickly click on the cancel button to stop the message from sending. But once the email has been sent, the word CANCEL will be replaced with UNDO. You can however still click on the UNDO button to recall the message from the recipients inbox and have it returned to your draft.

The undo bottom will only appear for just about 8 seconds before it disappears, so you have to be fast about it. If you are on the latest version of Gmail for Android then you should have this feature already. If not then head over to the Playstore and update your Gmail App to the latest version.

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