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Xiaomi is Making Plans to Enter the US Market in 2019

Xiaomi has managed to expand its market out of Asia which used to be its main focus to some parts of Europe. The company recently launched it's online and offline stores in some European countries such as Germany, France and a few others.
Latest report has it that Xiaomi which is currently one of the fastest growing Chinese Smartphone manufacturer is working on establishing it's presence in the United States. According to the company's vice president Wang, he said;
“Next year we hope we can do something there,”

Xiaomi has actually been making plans to enter the US market for quite sometime now but it now looks like the company is finally ready to make its official entry.

Xiaomi isn't actually the first Chinese phone manufacturer to attempt an entry into the USA market. Huawei recently tried to seal a deal with US carriers Verizon and at&t but that failed due to the intervention of the US government as they suspected the company might be a national security threat by spying on US customers for the Chinese government. 

Xiaomi however claims that it has a good  relationship with a number of US companies. It has long running collaboration with companies like Qualcomm which is responsible for the chipset used in XIaomi smartphones as well as Google/Alphabet that develop the Android  operating system.

It's also worth pointing out that Xiaomi is not just a smartphone brand as the company also manufacture other products like tablets, laptops, cameras, electric bicycles and scooters and even rice cookers and other home appliances. Phones is however the company's main priority and there is no information yet if other products will be introduced in 2019 when the company hopefully makes its entry into the United States. 

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