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Everything you Need to Know About the Newly Launched TSTV Sassy Decoder

Finally, after so much wait, anticipation and a lot of failed promises, tstv has finally launched one of their decoders which is the Sassy decoder. But even with the launch, there are still lots of questions that TSTV has left unanswered and this isn't going down well with a lot of potential subscribers as many people are still skeptical about TSTV delivering on their promises.
A lot of questions have been asked, many people are curious about the stations that will be shown, the price of all their subscription plans and many more. In this post, I will try my best to answer some of the most asked questions so as to clear the air on some things.

Everything you Should Know About the Newly Launched TSTV Sassy Decoder
1. Price of Decoder: The price of the TSTV Sassy decoder is officially N3,500 and this also covers the price for the dish also.
2. Channels: The TSTV Sassy will come with over 70 channels as oppose the 200 channels they initially promised.
3. Sports Channels and Live Matches: The initially promised Bein stations are no more available and that's because tstv has incorporated them into its own Grande sports 1 - 8. Even though TSTV claimed that the 8 Grande sports channels will be showing live sport matches, the company also released another contradictory announcement that live football matches won't be aired until next season.
4. Pause and Play: The Sassy Decoder comes with "Pause Subscribtion" feature which you can only use for a total of 7 days. Which means your 30days subscription can last for a maximum of 37days.
5. Subscription Plans: The TSTV Sassy decoder subscription goes for as low as N200 for a day, N500 for 3 days, N750 for a week (7days) and N3,500 for a month (30 days).
6. Free internet Data: TSTV has two sets of Decoders, the one currently on sale is the Sassy decoder which is not internet enabled and supports over 70 channels while the other one is the Dexterity, and this is the one with the free 20GB data and over 200 channels but the launch date for that hasn't been announced yet.
That's it guys. If you are interested in the new TSTV Sassy Decoder and will like to get one for yourself, then check out this LINK for guide. 
If you also want to know more about the Sassy decoder then you can click on this link.

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