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Chinese Police Officers Now Wear Smart Glasses with Facial Recognition

The Chinese government has just taken technology to a whole new level as the country's security agency recently equipped it's  operatives with a new set of smart glasses with facial recognition technology to help identify citizens.
Before now, China uses CCTV cameras located in different part of the country to identify it's citizens and track their movements, but with this newly introduced smart glasses, security operatives will be able to scan people's faces for criminals, crime witnesses and missing persons in crowded areas or places where CCTV cameras are not available.

The glasses which are made by Beijing-based company, LLVision Technology Co. is already facing critics from organizations like Amnesty International for reasons being that the new development will further increase the already existing invasive surveillance in the country.

However, the smart glasses are already in use in some of China's large cities like Zhengzhou. The new glasses are being used by police officers in train stations to scan those traveling for the Chinese New Year Holiday and report has it that seven suspects have been nabbed as well as 26 persons travelling with forged identifications. The glass is said to cost around ¥3999 which is about $636 and around N230,000 per unit.

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