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Unlocked LG V30+ Plus Now Available for Purchase in the USA

The LG V30 and the LG V30+ Plus are two of the greatest smartphones released this year but the problem this phone faced was slow production and late release. The phone actually took a couple of weeks after its official release before sales began and it's surprising that it's still not available in some regions even after months of release.
The unlocked version of the LG V30 was made available to the US market a couple of weeks ago through B&H. Now LG has just announced that the much higher version of the phone which is the LG V30+ is now also available for purchase through retailer B&H. It also comes with US warranty for 2 years, as long as you register the phone with LG.

Although you can start placing your order now for the unlocked version of the LG V30+, B&H already confirmed that the device would be shipped until 26th of December which means if you can place your order early enough, you might be getting your smartphone delivered to you a day after Christmas.
Purchasing the unlocked version of the LG V30+ will set you back at $929.99 which is obviously more expensive than the $800 you will pay for the locked V30. But remember that the LG V30+ offers 128GB of native storage as compared to the 64GB on the V30. Also, with the unlocked version, you can use your phone on most relevant US carriers, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

The device is currently available for purchase on B&H for those who might be interested and it runs on android 7 Nougat out of the box but LG plans on releasing the android 8 Oreo update pretty soon. 
Get the Unlocked LG V30+ on B&H HERE

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