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Grammarly keyboard app is now available for Android users on Google PlayStore with spelling and grammar checking

Grammarly keyboard app is now available on the Google Play Store for android users. Although the grammarly keyboard app looks and feels like your regular virtual android keyboard, this app offers an advanced proof reading tool which sets it apart from other android keyboard apps.
The keyboard app doesn't just detect simple spelling mistakes and suggest words, but also provides correction for punctuation mistakes as well as more sophisticated grammar and spelling check. The app also offers a premium subscription service for those who might be interested and this offers suggestions for style improvements and vocabulary enhancements.

If you are worried about what happens to the data collected, Grammarly promises data protection through encryption and "other measures". Also, the app is blocked from accessing sensitive information such as bank account and credit card details. At the moment, the app supports both British and American English.
Grammarly keyboard app is currently available for download on the Google PlayStore. You can search for it on the Google PlayStore or download directly from the link below.

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  1. So wish INK for ALL had a Microsoft Word plugin like Grammarly does but INK's wordpress plugin is easy to use. That means no more copying text. Also, INK FOR ALL helps with CPO so I'd promote it.


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