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Facebook adds new face recognition feature which notify users when they are spotted in photos

In one of my previous post, I mentioned that Facebook was working on some Face Recognition Technology but we weren't so sure what they actually planned to do with it then. Now Facebook has just announced a new optional tool which will help Facebook users find out when they appear in someone else's photos.
You will notice a new Face Recognition Option which can you can either enable or disable. The whole new Facebook Face Recognition Technology is all controlled by just one button. Once enabled, Facebook will notify you whenever you are spotted in a picture you are not tagged in. It also serves as a security measure whenever someone tries to use your picture as profile picture.

Whenever Facebook detects a picture where you appear in but not tagged, you will be given three options. You can either tag yourself in the picture, reach out to the person who posted the picture or just ignore and leave yourself untagged.

The new Facebook's Face Recognition feature has already started rolling out across all regions except Canada and Europe where Facebook doesn't offer the Face Recognition Technology.

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