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You can now learn Chinese language on your smartphone with Duolingo app

Duolingo which is arguably the most popular language learning app for smartphones has finally decided to add Chinese to it's list of languages. Although the app will now allow you learn the world's most spoken language which is Chinese, you will still be limited to just the simplified version.
The Duolingo course is for beginners and it will teach you 1,000 Chinese characters and it promises to get you to an upper beginner level of fluency in both reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The app teaches simplified Chinese characters and uses the Beijing dialect, the most spoken version of Mandarin Chinese. It does not have the option to teach the more complex traditional Chinese characters (used in Taiwan), and it also will not teach Cantonese, the language that is spoken in Hong Kong.

If you are thinking of learning the Chinese language from scratch as a beginner, then the app might not really help you that much but if you have already enrolled to a professional course, then the app will come in handy as it can help improve your Chinese speaking skills.

If you are really interested in learning the Chinese language and you want to do it through a mobile app, then you can check out some other apps like Pleco dictionary, Chinese Skills and Memrise app. The Duolingo app is available on the app store, windows store and Google PlayStore and it's free.

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