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A scooter is quite a safe vehicle that is ideal for young people. It doesn’t get into traffic jams and it is easy (and inexpensive!) to maintain it. However, this applies only to the best scooters!
Let's see which of the modern models are considered to be the best according to their owners' real feedback!
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Irbis LX 50
This is a very stylish scooter with the acceleration of up to 90 km/h, and a place for a passenger.
The product comes with DURO R12 off-road tires, a carburetor two-stroke engine with a power of 4.78 kW and an electronic ignition system.
Attractive design;
Powerful hardware;
Prone to minor breakage;
Increased fuel consumption.

The scooter has a solid frame while its safety is also guaranteed by the maximum speed of 60 km/h that is limited by electronics.
The DIO AF68 has economical fuel consumption of 1.25 l per 100 km. It is equipped with a 4.9 hp four-stroke injector engine with forced air cooling.
Not prone to accidental breakdowns;
Spare parts are easily available;
Durable suspension;
Electronic fuel injection.
High price.

The Yamaha TMAX ABS features a 530 cc DOHC engine with 46.5 hp and liquid cooling system.
The TMAX ABS aluminum frame is durable and lightweight. The suspension will easily cope with any road type. The scooter features 15-inch alloy wheels with quality rubber and the double-disk hydraulic brakes with the ABS system!
Powerful engine;
Perfect control;
High torque;
No accidental breakdowns;
Modern LCD display on the control panel.
High price.

HONDA DIO AF68 will be ideal for regular trips out of town. For a comfortable ride around the city, we recommend the Irbis LX 50. Yamaha TMAX ABS offers comfortable driving on any road type. Its hardware by far surpasses the majority of its competitors.

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