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6 Things you Need to Know about the Newly Launched TSTV

This is a day a lot of Nigerians have been waiting for and it has finally come. TSTV has been officially launched in Nigeria and now Nigerians can finally get a lot more cheaper satellite TV that they have been clamoring for with a lot of added benefits.
Of course, since TSTV is still very new and just about to start operation in the country, am pretty sure there lot of things many of us will like to know and a lot of questions we will like to ask. Although I plan on creating a more detailed post with lots of frequently asked questions and their answers, in this post am just going to list out 6 things I think you need to know about TSTV.

6 Things you Need to Know about TSTV
1. Price of TSTV Decoder + Dish: According to TSTV, the initial purchase price of the TSTV Decoder, satellite dish and remote control is N5000, but this price doesn't include the cost of installation.
2. TSTV Pay AS You Go pause service: TSTV will give monthly subscibers the option to pause their subscription when not in use so as to enjoy the service to the fullest. But the catch here is that you can't pause for more than 7days which means the maximum you can get is 37dayd for a month subscription.
3. TSTV Decoder comes with complementary 20GB data: once you purchase the TSTV Decoder you get up to 20GB data bonus for the first month after which other subsequent subscriptions will give you a maximum of 10GB for the monthly subscription.
4. You can pay for your TSTV subscription through quick teller: TSTV subscription service has been Incorporated into quick teller which means you can easily pay for your subscription from the comfort of your home via quick teller.
5. You can purchase extra data: Although all TSTV subscription plan comes with some data allocation, you can actually purchase more data such as 1GB for N300 and more.
6. TSTV data allocation isn't for watching channels: contrary to what many people think, the TSTV data allocation is not for viewing the channels but more of a value added service (VAS).

So guy, here are 6 things I think you should know about the newly launched TSTV. As I mentioned earlier, I will try to write a more detailed post on the frequently asked questions and answers.

By the way, if you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below and also don't forget to kindly share this post on your social media platforms.

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  1. How do I get it cos I need it. I love in Ikorodu, In Lagos. Thanks

    1. Just click on this LINK for the full list of available dealers Nationwide


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