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Beware! Google will delete your Android Backups After 2 Months of Inactivity Without Notifying you

One of the beauty of the 21st century technology is how easy it is for you to backup your data and access it anywhere else through the use of cloud storage. Just like Apple's iCloud backup, Google also offers it's own Android backup which let's you backup your settings, WiFi password and app datas so it can be easily transfered from one device to another. 
One thing a lot of Android users don't know is that your backed up data will be automatically deleted by Google after about 2 months of inactivity without any warning or notification. It's even clearly written in Google's own terms of service that after 14 days of inactivity, your existing Android backups will get an expiration date, after which it will be deleted.
A Reddit user Tanglebrook learned the hard way after all of his Android settings, saved Wi-Fi passwords, and app data was deleted after using an old iPhone of his for a while. What makes this even worse is that you won't even be given any email notification at all.

So if you know you will be leaving your Android phone for a while probably for a period of 2 months or more, make sure you keep your app datas, WiFi password and other settings safe by backing it up with other alternative like Samsung device backup (for Samsung users) or preferably titanium backup. 

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