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How to Download YouTube Videos With UC Mini Handler Using Glo Cheat

The Glo N0.0 tweak has been blazing for way longer than most of us might have predicted, and the best part is that it's still working just like ever before. Although the Glo N0 cheat works with almost any VPN, I personally prefer anonytun.
While I will recommend anonytun VPN for the Glo cheat simply because it's very fast and also free, I will advice those who plans to download lots of files to use the UC mini handler instead. 

Although the UC handler is the best option for download with the Glo cheat, one question have been asked by a lot of people is actually how to easily download YouTube videos with it. So in this post, I will put you guys through a detailed but simple method of downloading YouTube videos using the UC mini handler.

>> If you haven't done that already, I will advice you to click here for the UC Mini handler setup for Glo free browsing cheat.
>> After that, just visit youtube.com on your UC mini.
Note: Make sure you visit the YouTube link without using any proxy site such as securefor, muchproxy etc.
>> Once the YouTube link loads up, just search for the video you want to download and click on it. 
>> After clicking on the video, just scroll down until you see share video
>> Click and hold the share video until you see a pop-up option.
>> From the pop-up options, click on Page info and then click on Copy just beside LINK URL.
>> After that open a new tap  and visit securefor.com or any other preferred proxy site. 
>> Input youtubeinmp4.com in the provided box and click on GO.
>> Now paste the YouTube link  I you copied earlier in the provided space and click on Download. 
>> Now just select the file format you will like to download.
Note: The size of the video is determined by the YouTube format and resolution you select.
So that's all guys.

If you have ant question to ask, feel free to drop it in the comment section below and also don't forget to kindly share this post on your various social media platforms.


  1. Oga yomi thanks for the post it would help a lot commenting from Allinfobuzz

  2. Pls I can't get data connection on glo with subscription..pls help..

  3. I can't get data connection on glo without data subscription.. It disappears immediately after my subscription expires..

  4. There is no data connection to power this cheat..pls help

  5. Pls it doesn't once my credit finishes (reaches 0.0k), the data connection disappears again. Pls what can I do...?

    1. Try an older sim.....

    2. Hmmmm...av been using this sim for the past 3 years


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