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Latest Settings for UC Mini Handler to Download Large Files Using Glo N0 Cheat

The Glo N0 tweak has been working for a very long time now so it's not a new cheat and am pretty sure a lot of my blog readers are still enjoying this cheat. Recently, some people have been complaining about the UC mini tweak browsing but not downloading anymore.
In this post I will just show you guys the latest working settings for UC mini handler and also how to download large files with it. The good thing about the UC mini handler is that the speed isn't capped at all unlike the VPNs we are used to which makes it the best option to download with this Glo unlimited cheat.

Note that, unlike your VPNs, the UC mini handler doesn't power all apps as it works only with the UC mini app. The advantage of the UC mini handler is that it doesn't require any VPN and it downloads real fast.
Below is the latest working settings and also a detailed guide on how to download large files with it

Latest Settings to Download Unlimitedly With UC mini handler Using Glo N0 Cheat
APN settings:
For the APN settings, just use Glo's default APN.
>>Download and install UC mini handler from this LINK.
>> Launch the uc mini handler app and configure as shown below.
Device user agent => Android
Web user agent => Opera
Referer type => Real referer
Handler download limit => 1000
Tick ✅ remove port
Proxy type => Real host
Custom server => X-Factor-Web
Proxy server => Redirect.glo.com
Real proxy type => Default
Real proxy port => 80
Click OK

How to Download Large Files With the UC mini handler
>> If you are actually downloading small files, then you can just download it directly as you most likely won't encounter any problem. But incase you are downloading a large file or you are getting download fail error, then follow the procedure below.
>> Make sure you are on the download page.
>> Click on the address bar and copy the URL.
>> Now open a new tab and go to www.securefor.com
>> scroll down and paste the URL in the provided box.
>> After that just click on Go
>> You can go ahead and download your file from there without any error.

That's all guys....  enjoy it while it lasts
If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to kindly share this post on your social media platforms.

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If you encounter any issue, then let me know by dropping them in the comment section below.

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  1. any help for glo on laptop with modem direct or software


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