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How to Get 150% Data Bonus Offer on Your Airtel Sim

Recently, I posted about the Airtel 100% double data bonus which gives you double the data for the same price. This is just like the MTN double data offer and you will keep on getting the bonus on eligible SIM for the next 6months.
Now Airtel has just launched another offer which gives you 150% bonus and it's also available for 6 months. If you use Airtel a lot then you should know already that thier data bonus is only available for eligible users. So it's either your are eligible for the 100% bonus, 150% bonus or none.

The Airtel 150% data bonus is available on Airtel's Android smartphone data plans. With the 150% data offer, you get 500MB for N200, 1.8GB for N500 and 3.75GB for N1000. But as I mentioned earlier, the offer is only available on eligible Sims only.

How to Subscribe For the Airtel 150% Data Plan Offer
All you need to do is to dial *144# and this will show you the full list of available data plans and you will also be able to confirm if you are qualified or not.

>> The Data is valid for 2 weeks.
>> You can check your data balance by dialing *140#
>> You can use the data anytime of the day.
>> The data can be used on all internet enabled devices.

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