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Beware! A New Malware called Dvmap is Attacking Android Smartphones

A new Malware is out there again and this one targets the Android mobile platform in particular. Although this isn't the first malware to attack android devices but what makes this one more dangerous is the fact that it can by pass Google's malware bouncers on playstore.
According to Kaspersky, the malware which is called Dvmap has been on the playstore since April of this year 2017 and it has been able to hide from Google’s protection and verification mechanisms for this long by regularly swapping clean code with malicious code and vice versa. 

Once the malware is installed​ on your phone, the first thing it does is to try and gain root access by using four different methods. Once this is done and some malicious code are injected into your system library, the malware can install third party apps on your phone at any time. 

At the moment, only about 50,000 device have reportedly been infected and the number can be on the rise unless Google is able to quickly track down the malicious app. 

Google introduced some bouncers in form of bots on the playstore in 2012 to help keep out malicious apps. Once any malicious app is detected, Google can take them down from the app store and remotely uninstall them from infected devices. But since this malware manipulates the system library, it will make it difficult for Google to do so as the author can decide to install a different version of the malware just to escape Google's protection mechanism. Infected devices might end up reinstalling their phones firmware entirely.

Normally, I would have asked you to download your apps from trusted stores but since Google playstore​ which is arguably the most trusted android app store is not safe from this, then I will only ask you to watch out for the apps you download.

For measures on how to prevent your phone from getting infected by malwares, you can check out this link.

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