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MTN Increases Price of Goodybag Social Bundles (WhatsApp, Facebook, 2Go)

This is really not a good time for Nigerians​ and Nigeria as a whole. The current recession is really affecting everyone and the telecom companies are taking it out on the customers.
Prices of most services and data plans have been increased and I don't even think they are stopping yet. MTN has just increased the price of the goody back social bundle drastically. The goodybag price increment affects all bundles which consists of Facebook, WhatsApp, Eskimi and 2go.

Below are the new prices.
New Mtn Social Goodybag Price
=> The daily plan is now N25.
=> Weekly plan is now N60 (formerly N25).
=> Monthly plan is now N150 (formerly N60).

So that's it guys, those are the new prices of the mtn Goodybag social bundles. I guess until we get out of this recession, we will continue to experience this sudden price increase on various services and even data plans.

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