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TweakWare VPN Version 5.8 Released, Frequent Disconnecting Fixed!!

To all those using the Etisalat or Glo FBT, TweakWare version 5.8 has been released and it fixes the annoying auto disconnect issue that most users face. This disconnecting can really be so annoying especially when you are downloading.
Ever since the constant "force stopping" was fixed in TweakWare version 5.0, many users have been experiencing another problem which is the regular disconnecting. This happens way too often. Now "infinite reconnecting" has been Introduced, and this will fix the issue.

The setup for the Glo and Etisalat tweak sill remains the same. For those who are new to this, just follow the instructions below.


How to Configure The TweakWare VPN 
Configuring the TweakWare VPN app is very easy and straightforward.
>> First, make sure you use your default APN settings for either the Etisalat or Glo tweak.
>> If you don't have the TweakWare app, search for it on playstore or download it from this Link.
>> Click on the server list and select any of the available servers (If you don't have a premium account, make sure you select only from the Free servers).
>> Click on the tweak list and select either Glo 0.0k, Eti 0.0k or Eti Chatpack 2017, depending on the one you want to use.
>> After that just click on connect and wait a few seconds for it to connect.

How to Configure TweakWare VPN With the Etisalat Chatpack Tweak
If you have a poor Glo network in your location and the etisalat 60mb/day tweak is not okay for you then you can try out the Chatpack tweak.

  • Make sure you have at least N150 on your Etisalat sim.
  • Dial *200*3*3*1*2*1#
  • You will get a confirmation message that you have subscribed for the Chatpack bundle.
  • Make sure you dial *343*5*0# if you don't want the auto renewal of the plan.
  • After that just launch your TweakWare VPN and select Eti ChatPack I or Eti ChatPack II.

  • Choose any of the free servers or premium servers (if you have TweakWare subscription) then connect.
Note: The Chatpack tweak is actually limited to about 1.5gb to 3GB.

That's all guys, 

If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to kindly share this post on your social media platforms.

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    1. pls yomitech is airtel 2g plan still available? that 1 u sub for 200 for 2gb @ 14dys

    2. I've configured the TweakWare VPN With the Etisalat Chatpack Tweak, it's working real good... Thanks Yomi, but it keeps telling me that I've 305mb left of my daily bandwidth, pls what does that mean.????

      1. It's more than the 305mb, just ignore

    3. Theo is it fast or throttling....?????

      At Yomethic is the chat pack 1.5gig per day or over month or over week?? Thanks

    4. It really working fine but after I reach 300mb an SMS was sent that " You have attained your Chat data usage limit. Speed throttling restriction now applies till end of plan validity. Buy additional pack to continue enjoying the plan at normal speed." After the SMS it start misbehaving slow and not blazing always

      1. Try out this new tweak

        This one is actually unlimited

    5. Yes, thats exactly what happened to me too @Anonymous

      1. Try out this new tweak

        This one is actually unlimited


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