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Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak Using TweakWare v5.8 Remote Tweak option

Hello guys, here is another free browsing tweak for all Etisalat users. But unlike the previous ones, this is actually unlimited and it works with the latest TweakWare V5.8.
If you all remember, the version 5.8 of the TweakWare VPN was recently released and one the changes in the latest version is the addition of "Remote Tweak". So in this post, I will show you guys how to browse unlimitedly on your Etisalat sim using the "Remote Tweak" on TweakWare.

=> TweakWare VPN V5.8. Download here.
=> Your Etisalat sim.
=> An active Internet connection. (You can either connect to a WiFi or subscribe to any Etisalat data plan "even if it's 1mb").

How To Configure the Etisalat Free Browsing Tweak
=> Download the latest TweakWare from the link provided above.
=> Launch the app and click on settings at the top right.
=> Click on the "Remote Tweak" and wait for it to install.
*Note: An active Internet connection is required to install the remote Tweak.
=> After installing the remote Tweak, just go back and connect.
That's all.

* You have to go over the steps above all over again anytime you exit the app or reboot your phone.
* If you get "remote Tweak Installation Failed" error while installing the remote Tweak, check your internet connection or try again after a few hours.
* While the tweak is unlimited to premium users, free users might be limited to about 350mb per free server.
So that's it's guys. If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post if you find it helpful.


  1. Please sir, how can I become a premium user of the TweakWare... Thank u

  2. * While the tweak is unlimited to premium users, free users might be limited to about 350mb per free server.

    I want to get something straight the 350 Mb is not per day but per server right? ??

    1. Per server(in a day)...

      Although u can get more than that on some servers

  3. Mr yomi please i am unable to browse free on my etisalat line even when i have some data on it. Am only able to browse with data even with my tweakware premium. Account and immediately i exhaust the data given to me, it sill stop browsing. I also tried the latest stark vpn but its all thesame.please any solution to this?

  4. What if I install the remote server using free server connection (Etisalat 0.0k),will it do? Or I av to use phone connection or wifi

  5. do i need to have data before it installs?

  6. Plz Mr.Yomi wat is d diff btw version 5.8 n 6.1?
    And if I downloaded 6.1 will I b able to use it to browse unlimited?

    1. It's no more working on TweakWare but you can use psiphon handler instead

  7. Can I use this for iPhone ?

  8. After doing it, if i put off my data, will it still work.


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