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WhatsApp Introduces New Snapchat Like Feature Called WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp has been trying all its best to remain the leading social messaging app and they aren't doing a bad job at all. The app has been getting loads of new features lately which includes mention, group invite link, gif support, video calling and many others. 
Just like Instagram copied the "Story" feature from Snapchat, the new WhatsApp feature which is called "WhatsApp Status" was also inspired by Snapchat. This new WhatsApp feature will allow you to share photos, videos, and GIFs as your status(i.e. stories) which will auto-destruct in 24 hours. 

The feature which was initially pushed out to beta testers in November last year is now available for all users.
Just like Instagram stories, you also have full control over who sees your "Whatsapp Status". 

The feature which is available to both android and iOS users is been pushed out in batch and will surely get to your device soon.

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