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WhatsApp Adds Two-Step Verification And Background Audio Playback To The App's Beta Version

Just few weeks after rolling out the video calling feature, WhatsApp has once again added two new features which are background playback and the two step verification.

With the new Background Audio Play back, you can now listen to voice messages in the background. What this means is that any audio message you are listening to on WhatsApp will continue to play in the background even when you switch to other conversation or App.

Also with the new two-step verification, you will be asked to provide a passcode whenever you are registering a new phone number. You will also need to provide an e-mail whenever you need to reset your passcode.

So with this new two-step verification that WhatsApp is introducing to the app, no one will be able to register your WhatsApp account using your number except they have your passcode or acess to your e-mail.

How To Activate The New Google Two-step verification
=> First, you have to download the latest WhatsApp beta version. You can download it Here.
=> Launch WhatsApp and go to account settings.
=> Click on the Two-step verification option.
=> Enable the option
=> Enter 6 digit passcode of your choice and confirm it.
=>  Provide a recovery email that will be used whenever you want to reset your passcode.

That's all. Now you have a more secured WhatsApp account.


  1. Hello @Yomi pls is it possible to use 2 different whatsapp accounts on one device? Pls if it's possible show me how.. Thanks a lot

    1. Yes it is possible... Just install the official WhatsApp alongside GB WhatsApp.. you can download GB WhatsApp from this LINK

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