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Another iPhone 7 Plus Explodes In China When The Owner Accidentally Dropped It

News of exploding Smartphones has actually died down until now. Another iPhone 7 Plus has just exploded in the Yunnan province, Southwest of China when the owner accidentally dropped the phone.
According to reports, The phone caught fire when it accidentally hit the ground. The shock from the impact made the battery ignite. According to the source, the Apple smartphone emitted smoke and severe vibrations, while its display shattered and detached from the body. The extent of the damage can be seen in the photos below.
This actually makes it the fourth reported case of an iPhone 7 device exploding. The other three incidents happened during delivery, while the owner was taking a video, and inside a car that almost burned down. 
Although this might not be as severe as the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions, but I really think Apple needs to address the issue. 

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