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How To Increase The Battery Life On Your Android Smartphone With AccuBattery

One of the most common problems smartphone users do experience aside RAM management is battery drain. This is almost inevitable. A lot of smartphone users do experience increasing battery drain after a couple of months or about a year of using their phone.
Based on research conducted, it's advisable to avoid fully charging your battery as fully charging puts extra strain on the battery and are likely to result in quicker depletion of the battery capacity. 

Even Sony did something similar on its latest Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact. To prolong the battery longevity, Sony automatically pause the charge of the phone to avoid stressful charging and trickle charging at night. You can also do something similar on your own smartphone irrespective of the brand and this is actually where AccuBattery app comes in.

AccuBattery is not a battery saver but more of a battery monitor. AccuBattery monitors your battery charging and notifies you once the battery level gets to about 80% so that you can unplug the phone. With this practice, you can make your battery last longer than it ought to since it will help reduce unnecessary strain on your battery.

The app is available on Google play store and you can download it for free.

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