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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned From Flights In China Beginning October 27

Due to the numerous exploding cases that has been linked to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, many countries have already ban customers from taken the phone a board any flight. The USA on the other hand has even made it a federal crime to take the Galaxy note 7 aboard any flight as it can now land you up to 10years in prison or an hefty fine.
This might be coming a bit late, but China has now joined the list of countries banning users from taking the Galaxy note 7 on any flight. If you remember, China was excluded from the first recall by Samsung as the company claimed that the units sent to the country were not affected by the battery defect. But unfortunately an explosion incident which was caused by the device was reported in the country which led to this latest announcement.

Starting From today which is October 27, those still in possession of the Galaxy Note 7 won't be able to take it on board flights across China. The information has been recently confirmed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). 

One of the major reason that contributed to this decision by China to ban the Galaxy note 7 from flight was due to the report that suggested that Samsung was arrogant to their customers in China as they were excluded from the initial recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

Since convincing customers to return the Galaxy note 7 isn't really working, Samsung is now planning to push an update to users of the Note 7 in Europe just as they did in USA which will limit battery charge to just 60%.

It's really advisable to return the Note 7 device if you are still in possession and exchange it for another smartphone or for a full refund

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