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LG V20 Rear Camera Glass Reportedly Cracking And Breaking Easily

Many people have already tagged the LG V20 one of the best smartphone of the year and also a lot of people have already picked it as the best alternative to exploding Samsung galaxy note 7. But the LG V20 might just have been hit with an early drawback as a lot of early users have taken to reddit to express thier displeasure on how the rear camera glass shatters and cracks easily.
If you guys remember I posted a review on the durability test carried out on the V20 by a popular youtuber who goes by the name JerryRigEverything. Although the device handled most of the series of tests carried out on it pretty well, I remember mentioning that the back camera glass cracked easily as the protective cover did almost nothing in protecting it against damage. And now it seems like this is a very big issue.

What really makes the whole situation worst is that while some users actually received the phone with a cracked camera glass out of the box many others noticed a crack just few days after owning the phone even without dropping it. This is definitely not a good thing considering how expensive this device cost as it goes for almost $800.

Many might say this isn't as serious as the Galaxy Note 7 exploding fiasco, but there is no doubt this is also a serious issue that  needs to be investigated by LG. But for now all we can just do is to wait for an official statement from LG. 

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