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iPhone 7 Explodes On Man's Face While He Was Recording A Video With It

It's no more news that Samsung is currently going through a tough time with their Galaxy Note 7 as there have been many reported cases of the smartphone exploding and even damaging properties in the process. This even made the company stop production and sales of the smartphone. But it now seems like this disaster is now affecting iPhone also.
An Apple iPhone 7 has recently exploded while injuring the owner in the process. According to the owner who refused to reveal his identity, the incident happened while he was trying to record a video with the phone. 
According to report, the impact of the explosion was so severe that the iPhone 7 blew up into two pieces with battery and other elements clearly visible while shattered hurling glass flying across his face and causing one of his fingers on his right hand to swell.
After the incident, the man reported the case to Apple sale's support where he was told that they had no authority to look or handle such matter. But later, the complaint was forwarded to Apple headquarters. However, where the man actually purchased his iPhone 7 is still unknown , as the man still didn’t state from where he bought his phone.

Investigation is currently going on as to what caused the explosion. You can watch the video of the incident below.


  1. Seems there is an issue with phones from the top brands with the number 7. Samsung is trying to make it right. We'd be looking forward to seeing what Apple does.

  2. I dont believe this.I mean these news can be fake also to degrade popularity of iPhone.

    Can you confirm this?

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