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How To Record Audio And Screen Simultaneously On Mac

There might have been times when you need to record your on screen activities on your Mac PC or you just happen to be a blogger or youtuber and you are just trying to create a video tutorial on your Mac. Although there are several third party applications that can get this done but the problem is that you will only be getting the visual without the great audio output.
But if you want to make an audio/visual recording then there are some procedures which you have to follow. So in this post, I will just guide you through the necessary steps to record an audio and also video activity on your Mac.

How To Record Audio And Screen Simultaneously On Mac
=> Open the quick time player X app on your Mac.
=> From the menu option, click on file then New Screen Recording.
=> Although you will get an audio input from the microphone by default, but if you are trying to include like a background music playing on your MAC then you won't get a great audio quality since the microphone is the only audio input. But if you wish to get a great audio input when recording then you can use an app called soundflower.
=> This free Mac software will let you easily add audio from within the quick time player to your recording.
=> All you have to do is to download the app, click the down arrow next to the record button inside Quicktime screen record UI and then selecting the Soundflower option.

That's all 
Now you can easily make an audio visual recording with great audio quality on your Mac.

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