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Easiest Way To Check If Your 4G Smartphone Is Compatible With Your Network Carrier's LTE Band

This development might be coming a bit late, but at least its better late than never. While most countries are already thinking of 5G network, Nigerian Telecommunication companies are Starting to wake up to the whole 4G technology.
Now that 4G is gradually taking over the 3G dominated Nigeria Telc. market, one of the biggest problem many users will be facing now is how to know the LTE band supported by their network provider and also smartphone with compatible band.
What can be more annoying than you getting a 4G smartphone only to find out that it's not compatible with your 4G sim card especially if you happen to be a Glo user. This mistake is almost inevitable considering the fact that most of us haven't been paying much attention to details like this when getting a smartphone until now.

How To Check If Your Smartphone Is Compatible With Your Network Carrier
With WillMyPhoneWork.netyou can easily check if your smartphone is compatible with the network carrier you want to use it with. This app works in all countries and all local network carriers. You can use this website to check almost all smartphone brand including infinix, innjoo etc.

How To Use The Website
=> First, Open willmyphonework.net on your web browser.
=> Select the phone Brand.
=> Select the Phone Model.
=> Select Your country.
=> Select the network carrier.
=> After that , just click on search.
=> That's all.

You will get a result similar to the one in the image below confirming if your smartphone is compatible with your network carrier or not.
It's that simple, I hope this finally puts the question of 4G LTE Band compatibility to rest.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post.


  1. Thanks so much Yomi... This post is really helpful and it's what I needed, now I know which 4g network my phone(Marathon M5) supports, supports MTN and NTEL but not glo and Etisalat, I don't know if Etisalat 4G is not yet recognized by the site or that my phone does not support it, all the same... Thanks

    1. You are welcome...

      Actually, Etisalat 4g will work on your phone but Glo won't...

      The site hasn't updated the Etisalat 4g yet but I already filled a contact form on the website in respect to that..

      I just hope they update it soon and I will try to let you guys know when they do


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