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Another iPhone 6Plus Explodes While Been Charged With The Original Charger

With the rate news of exploding Smartphones is flying around the internet this days, it's either most of this stories are faked, there is probably an increase in the rate of defective devices or maybe a lot of people just suddenly start to show interest in stories like this.
It all started with the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding saga, but now it seems many other smartphone brand are also been affected. An iPhone which belonged to Yvette Estrada from Fresno, California has reportedly exploded while it was been charged and this has rendered the phone completely useless.

The incident which happened this week on Thursday night to Friday occurred when the owner connected the phone with the charger that came with the smartphone only to be awakened around 3a.m by a loud noise and the smell of burnt plastic.That was when she discovered that her iPhone 6 Plus has been covered by a thick black smoke.
According to Estrada, she bought the iPhone 6 plus 3 months ago. She has already reported the case to Apple and has also provided pictures of the burnt phone. She is going to get a replacement unit from her local store. Although she wasn't injured by the exploding iPhone, her bedside table, a pair of glasses and two apple watch stand were damaged.

This is actually the second reported case of an iPhone this week. Earlier this week, there was a case of an iPhone 6 plus which also got burned while it was in the back pocket of a college student Darina Hlavaty. 
Although the cause of both iPhone explosion hasn't been confirmed yet but it's suspected to be caused by a defective battery.

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