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WhatsApp May Soon Introduce A Pass code Security Feature

Aside being a very popular messaging app, one other thing WhatsApp is really known for is that extra attention the Facebook owned app gives to security and privacy. In a bid to further increase users privacy, the company went further to introduce an end to end encryption in April of this year.
But even with the whole end to end encryption, it does very little in stopping people from reading your conversation as long as they have access to your Smartphone. But this might soon change as the company might be introducing a 6 digit pass code option in the nearest future.

Apparently, some details were spotted by "android authority" as part of a text translation program for WhatsApp, to convert strings from English into Dutch. Phrases to be translated include “Enter the current six-digit passcode:“, “Passcodes don’t match. Try again.“, and “Enter a recovery email address“, And all this really makes indication that a pass code option might be introduced soon.

Also there is a line that suggests an optional recovery e-mail incase a user can't gain access to the WhatsApp app due to wrong pass code.

As I said earlier, this new feature is still being tested and hasn't been made official yet. So we don't really know how soon this feature will be rolled out. Whenever this happens, it will further increase the security and privacy that WhatsApp is really known for.

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