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Sales Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Resume On 28th September

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which ought to have been a great success turned out to be a very massive disaster due to the battery defect which led to some devices exploding. This actually cost Samsung a great loss which runs into billions of dollars.
Samsung was quick to announce a Recall of all Note 7 units in all 10 Countries that device has already been sold. They even introduced an exchange program in which their customers can choose to either get a full refund, get another Samsung smartphone or return their Samsung Note 7 for a new one. 

But even with all that, the response was very low as many customers refuse to return their defective Galaxy Note 7.  According to Samsung, they have been able to exchange only about 130,000 units of the smartphone in the USA, prior to the over 1 million units they were expecting. 

The company has released an official statement that the replacement units of the Galaxy Note 7 for USA, Australia and some other countries will arrive on the 21st of September.

So for all those who are still Willing to get the Galaxy Note 7,  Samsung will resume sale both for online and offline sales on the 28th of September which is a week after the replacement unit will be distributed.

But the only problem there is that sales will only resume in Samsung's home country which is south Korea. So for all those who happens to leave outside south Korea, you might still have to wait a little bit longer before sales will resume nationwide.

Also to be in the safer side, if you happen to own one of the first units of Samsung note 7, it's advisable you return it now for replacement or you request for a full refund.

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