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How To Schedule And Organize Instagram Post On PC And Smartphone

The social media has gradually become part of our life and even way of life. Over half of internet users happen to be on at least one social media platform and most of us are now into the social media fever which is now part of our daily lifestyle.
Instagram is no doubt one of the most popular social media platform with a record of over 500million users. Instagram lets you share photos and Videos to your followers and also to the public. Although this social media platform offers a lot of features such as easy tagging, the Instagram stories and a few more, but we always want more.
If you happen to be one of those who likes to organise and schedule your post, so that they can be shared at a certain time even if you don't remember to do so then this post will definitely interest you. Although Instagram does not officially offer this feature, there are some other third party apps that lets you do that. In this post am going to be sharing a few of them for both PC and mobile phone users.
How To Schedule Instagram Post On Mobile Devices And PC

Below, I will list out three apps to schedule your post for PC users and also two apps for Mobile phone users.
For PC:
Schedugr.am: This is a very great app for Instagram users. When connected to your account, it lets you schedule any post, either pictures or videos and share them anytime you like.  Aside that this app also has some great editing options too that lets you edit and beautiful your post to make them appear better. Although this app offers 7 days free trial, you will be asked to subscribe afterwards at $20 per month to continue enjoying the service.

Grum: This is also another great tool for Instagram users that lets you schedule your Instagram Post and the app is not bad at all. One unique thing about this app that makes it standout is the fact that it lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts.
Just like the one I mentioned above, this app also have some cool editing tools to make your Instagram Post look better. It  offers a trial option of just 3 days after which you will have to pay a sum of $9.9 per month to continue using it.

OnlyPult: Just like the rest, this is also another tool for Instagram users who would like to schedule and organize their post. But unlike the other apps I have mentioned, this particular app also comes with analytic feature which lets you check the performance of your post by showing you the total number of views, likes, shares and others. It offers a 7 day free trial and the cost is $12 per month.

For Mobile Phone (Android And iOS):
Wise.it: This is one Instagram tool for mobile users. This app is available on both the Android and iOS platform. Just like the other apps, it also lets you schedule your post for any specific time  and the subscription fee cost just $4 per month.

CrowdFire: This is also another great for both Android and iOS users. But this particular app isn't just for Instagram as it also works for Twitter accounts. So you can use this particular app to schedule both your Instagram and Twitter post.

So guys here are a few apps you can try out if you want to schedule and organize your Instagram posts properly. If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post on your various social media platforms.

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