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How To Install Multiple Bootable Operating System On A Single USB Drive

In this post am just going to show you how to create a multi boot USB drive. A multiboot drive is Just a way of creating multiple bootable OS in just one single drive. Although this is not something you will always need but there is no doubt it will come in handy .
Having a multi boot USB drive for your windows PC can come with a lot of advantages. Aside the fact that it saves you the stress of moving around with multiple USB drives, it also lets you save your precious OS in a single drive which can be used at any time.

How To Install Multiple Bootable Operating Systems on One USB
To actually do this, you will need a standalone application, so In this post am going to show you three different tools that you can use to create your own MultiBoot USB drive.

==> MultiBootUSB: Just as the name describes, this tool  basically lets you install and run multiple bootable Linux from a single drive. Although the minimum drive space required for this app is 16gb free space but it gets the job done.
The application supports 129 different Linux Distros including Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, LinuxMint, Debian, Fedora and many more. 

Making a multiboot USB is easy with this app.
=> Just connect the USB drive to your PC and launch the application.
=> Select the drive from the step 1.
=> In Step 2, browse for the ISO file and select it.
=> In Step 3, click on the Create button.
You can also go ahead and create another ISO image with the same procedure above.

==>Xboot: This is also another great tool that lets you collect multiple ISO files into just one package. The application also features md5 checksum calculator to help verify the authenticity of the ISO image.
This app is very easy to use for both pro and new users.
=> Just drag and drop the ISO image into the application window.
=> Click on the Create USB button.
=> Select the drive yoi want to install the bootable OS on.
=> Just click on OK and the installation process should begin.

==> YUMI (Your Universal Multipal Installer): Just like the two applications mentioned above, this is also another tool for creating MultiBoot USB. The interface is very easy to use.
=> From the step 1, select the drive you want to install the ISO image on.
=> From the step 2, select the OS you want to install on the drive.
=> After that, just click on create at the bottom.

The only difference between this particular tool and the other two I mentioned above is that it doesn't have the QEMO feature which means you can't preview the created bootable OS.

So guys, those are three great apps that you can use to create a multi bootable drive. Feel free to try them out and let me know the one you prefer most.

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