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Chrome 53 for Android with credit card support, Android Pay support, autoplay for muted video

Google has just released chrome 53 for Android users. This is coming a week after they released the chrome 53 for desktop users. And some of the new features that stands out on this new chrome 53 are the auto playing of muted video and the support for Payment Request API.
With the latest chrome 53 supporting PaymentRequest API, you can conveniently make secure payments on the web using a credit card or Android Pay. This will go a long way In saving users all the hassle and time spent in filling billing address, shipping details and payer information when performing transaction on the web.

Since PaymentRequest is a web standard,  other browsers and platforms will also start implementing it soon. This will make shopping on the web a lot more easier, as you can easily check out with just a single click irrespective of the platform you are currently using.

Also With the new auto play for muted videos feature chrome has just introduced, your chrome browser will automatically start playing the content of any video as long as it's marked mute and it will also pause it automatically if the audio comes on without the users intervention. 

This is one feature which many mobile browsers are yet to implement even though
GIFs are gradually being replaced by Imgur's GIFV standard or Gfycat - which are just silent HTML5 videos. This new change would allow them to play automatically just like a regular GIF standard. 

Although those are the most highlighted features but they are also some other fee improvements, tweaks, better battery improvement and an overall increase in performance.

Although Google has started rolling out the chrome 53 for Android users but in case you haven't received the update yet, you can download it from this Link.

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