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WhatsApp To Share Your phone number Information With Facebook. Here's How To Stop it

I think the strict privacy policy we have always known WhatsApp for is about to be compromised with this new development.
About two years ago when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars, WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum while talking about privacy policy and handling precious user data stated that  nothing would change in that aspect.
According to him, he said there would not have been any partnership between WhatsApp and Facebook if they had to compromise on the core principles that will always define their company, their vision and their product”

But I think they are going back on their words on the privacy policy as WhatsApp announced yesterday that it would start sharing user data most especially phone number with Facebook. According to Facebook, the new policy will help “improve our Facebook ads and products experience" which will also give business a new avenue to reach potential customers.

WhatsApp’s updated policy means that the company will also provide users’ device information, including type of operating system and other smartphone characteristics. Facebook will employ the phone number only internally to identify WhatsApp users better, so it can help advertisers with their target groups.

The ads would come through a special Facebook program called “Custom Audiences,” which lets a company upload consumer data on Facebook. Facebook then matches the list with its list of customers and shows them tailored ads. User data is not given out to advertisers.

The good thing is that you have the ability to stop WhatsApp from handing out your information to Facebook, so if you happened to have unknowingly agreed to the new WhatsApp's terms of service, then its not too late to opt out.

How To Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Information.

==> Launch your WhatsApp and head over to your WhatsApp settings.
==> Click on account.
==> Uncheck the "share my account info" box.
==> You will be asked for confirmation, just click on "don't share".
==> That's all.

Now your privacy has Just been successfully restored and you are save once again.

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