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Torrentz Is Now Back Online

Torrentz is the worlds largest and most popular torrent meta-search website. It is free, fast and powerful meta search engine combining results from dozens of search engines.But suddenly just few weeks ago after the founder of kickass was arrested and Kickass was taken down by the authorities, torrentz also shut down while leaving torrent users with the message “”We will always love you torrentz. Goodbye.”
But the good news is that we now have a torrentz alternative which is known as Torrentz2. The new website Torrentz2.eu is actually believed to be a clone of the old Torrentz website. While both websites might have a lot of similarities, there are also a few noticeable differences. Unlike the old website, the new website, lists out its content in a different way, the new website now list its search in categories. Also popular search tags are now available to make it easier for users to browse through them easily.

I guess this will at least bring smiles to the face of torrent users. At least if we cant have the old site back, we can now make use of this new alternative.

The url to this new website is Torrentz2.eu

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  1. http://torrentzeu.to is ready to take on the legacy left, they even have Mr Robot on their homepage.


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