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Snapchat Deletes (Unpublished) Official Facebook Page

Almost a month ago, Instagram shocked everyone and kind of created a buzz online when they  introduced the Instagram stories,  which was actually copied from Snapchat but with more added features.
Unfortunately for Snapchat and fortunately for Instagram, the new feature was widely accepted as over 300million people are already using it.
Now yesterday, Snapchat unpublished or better still deleted it's official Facebook page. For those who don't know, Facebook is the owner of Instagram. Now this has caused a lot of pondering as some people believe this might be because of the Instagram story saga. But you might also want to bear in mind that Snapchat's Facebook page has never really been active, matter of fact, the last time it was updated was August of 2013.
The company's Facebook account had over 6.5million likes before it was unpublished while it's Twitter page which is still active has over 1.5million likes.

So what do you really think happened, Snapchat might probably have deleted the page due to loss of interest. At least that's justifiable by the lack of activity on the page even before it was unpublished. But that's all what we know as there is no official statement from the company as to why they took that action.

So guys, what do you think really happened, Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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