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Easy Fix For Chrome Users Unable To Access Windows Store And Xbox Store

Many Google chrome users have been facing a lot of difficulties accessing many Microsoft websites.
This is an issue many people have been complaining and reporting about and there hasn't been any official reason from chrome yet as to why this happens. 
This problem occurs mostly when you try to visit Windows Store and Xbox Store URL links. Instead of displaying the normal page, you get an "This site can't be reached" error. The good thing is that this is just a minor issue and there is a quick fix. All what you have to do is to clear your Chrome browser cookies.

How To Clear Cookies On Chrome Browser
=> Launch chrome and go to "Settings" in the menu.
=> Click on "Show Advanced Settings"
=> Scroll down and then click on "Privacy"
=> Click on "Content Settings"
=> Click on "All cookies and site data"
=> Click on "Remove All" to clear all Chrome cookies.

Note: Although this procedure will solve the issue but it will also clear all your saved passwords.

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