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The New Airtel Speedoo Plan

In a bid to make data cheaper for the customers and also rival other competitors, Airtel is here again with a new data package which they call the Airtel Smart Speedoo.
With this new plan, you get 100% of the data you use and still get to browse more cheaper depending on the data used. This might sound a bit confusing but I guess the next paragraph will explain better.

How the Airtel Smart Speedoo Works:
With this plan, users enjoy low rate in addition to free data the more they browse. According to Airtel, “When a customer uses up to 10mb at 1kobo/kb, Airtel gives him 10mb free. And when his usage gets to 50mb, the browsing rate drops to 0.5kobo/kb, then he gets 50mb free. When the customer’s usage reaches 100mb, the rate drops further to 0.2kobo/kb and he is given 100mb free,”

One good things about this plan is that the cycle continues every month which literally gives users free surfing experience.

How To Opt In:
To opt in, just dial *141# and reply with 2 to get started.

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