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Get Free 1gb Data On Your Mtn Sim For 1 Month

This is good news and also another season of tweaking for all imei tweakers. Am sure most of you know the drill already and for those who are new to this, you can check out this link. First you need an mtk device and you must also know how to change your imei. For instructions on how to change your imei, click HERE.
So just get a mtn sim card, either new or old and also an mtk device then follow the instruction below.

How To Get 1GB Free Data On Your Mtn Sim:
==> Change the current imei on your phone to this imei 352262070716218 (make sure you change the last 4 digits).
==> After changing your imei, just wait for like 3 - 5 minutes and you should receive a congratulatory message.
Note that you don't have to send anything, just wait for a few minutes and you will receive a message. If you still don't receive any message after waiting for a couple of minutes, then try changing the imei again until you successfully get the free data.
==>If you are new to imei tweaking, just click here to learn more.

The good thing is that this is a new imei and getting the free data shouldn't be so difficult. As usual, you can't accumulate multiple times on a single sim, so you just have to get as much sim cards as you can and get as much data as you can afford to.


  1. I've changed d last 4 digits five tym but no most from MTN and d balance is 0mb. Kindly help me. My Email : Bg4live@gmail.com

  2. Yes same with me I try many tyms yet not working my email : ohibor@gmail.com


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