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Advance Downloader For Mega - Pause and Resume Your Mega Download

Mega is currently one of the most popular cloud storage right now. Most people prefer uploading their files especially large files to their mega drive because of the 50gb free storage they get.

Aside the free large storage, the mega app user interface is also very easy to use and highly secured but the download manager is probably one of the most annoying part of it, with the mega app, you can't download more than one file at a time, the download speed is not so fast and it does not allow pause and resume which might be frustrating sometimes.

But thank God for the Advance downloader for Mega. With this app, you can easily download files from mega without having to login or register, it allows you to download more than one file at a time, pause and resume your download whenever you want and its very much faster than the mega app.

Features of Advance Downloader For Mega:
==> It is easy to use.
==> You don't have to log in to  download.
==> You can download multiple files at a time.
==> It supports pause and resume.
==> You can Specify your download destination folder
==> It is faster than the mega app.
==> It automatically retries download when there is network problem.
==> It shows the download speed and progress in the notification bar
==>  It is available in multiple languages which are English, Spanish, Japanese. Italian, German,French, Portuguese, Simplified and Tradicional Chinese, Russian,Polish, Romanian and Korean.

How to Use:
==> Copy the download link.
==> Open the app and click on add links.
==> Click on the clipboard logo at the top right corner.
==> Just wait while it loads up.
==> After that, click on download at the top of the screen and your download should begin afterwards.

Note: By default, this app only download with WiFi connection. To download with your mobile data.
Press the menu button and click on option then untick Download only via WiFi.

You can download the app HERE.


  1. Thank you for this tip Yomi,God bless

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