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WhatsApp Reborn 1.70 AntiBan and how to install without getting banned

WhatsApp plus now known as WhatsApp reborn is no doubt the most popular and best unofficial mod for whatsapp, it gives you users the ability to do more than you can with the official app like full customization of the app, better privacy feature, whole new material design and many more.

Unfortunately WhatsApp started banning any user caught migrating from WhatsApp to WhatsApp + and this made many users stick to the official app due to the fear of been banned.

The developer of WhatsApp reborn later created an anti ban version of the app which prevents users from been banned but some people still claimed to have been banned even with the anti ban version while trying to switch between both apps.

So today I will be showing you guys how to install the latest version of WhatsApp reborn without getting banned. But before that let's check out some features of WhatsApp reborn.

What's New in WhatsApp reborn 1.70:
==> LOLLIPOP users, It's is recommended to use DARK theme in mod 6.5 if you want to have material design taste in app
==> [Fixed] Crash for some users while opening "OsmMods" settings
==> More settings icon added

Features of WhatsApp reborn:
==> Fully customization/theming available from changing icon to change whole look of whatsapp by applying and creating themes
==> Upload videos upto 30 MB , Images in original resolution (No compression) Media sharing options
==> Whole new MATERIAL DESIGN implementation
==> Awesome privacy features Hide blue ticks , double ticks, last seen, "is Writing" text So you can go underground.
==> Get notified when your contacts go online
==> And many more mods

How to Install:
If you already using the WhatsApp reborn, all you have to do is to download and install the apk without uninstalling the current version .

But for new users follow the procedure below:
==> The first thing you have to do is to download titanium backup from playstore.
==> Open titanium backup and click on the backup/restore button.

==> select WhatsApp and click on backup.

==> Now uninstall the official WhatsApp and install WhatsApp reborn.
==> After installing the WhatsApp reborn, open titanium backup and click on backup/restore tab.
==> select WhatsApp and click on restore.
==> Now select data only and wait while titanium backup of restores your data.

==> Now you can open your WhatsApp reborn and start chatting.

Congratulations!!  You have just installed the WhatsApp reborn.
If you have any question, drop it in the comment box below.

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